Friday, September 24, 2010

Gamer Grrlz

An ongoing point of discussion in the Eve blogosphere is the Gamer Girl. The video below has been making the game blog rounds, so I thought I'd inject it into the Eve Blog Pack's sphere of influence.

Gamer Grrlz Video
I'll confess, I've been surprised by the response of a few women in my own corporation to the image of the Gamer Girls presented in the video. Of course, I am an ancient creature as online game ages are measured - a paleo-digital man.

So, ladies of Eve, let me know what you think:  Is this a Gamer Grrl anthem, just some creepy otaku-boy fantasy.


  1. @Serpentine: Sure they can be, but the population density in this video seems off.

  2. I say it's "neither": these girls obviously wanted to prance around for attention, and they got it. They didn't do this for gamer girls, they did it for themselves. Everyone knows there are gamer girls, and hot ones. Being nerdy isn't a fringe activity anymore. They saw an audience that they figured was easily to manipulate sexually, and they went for it.

    Also, they can't sing or dance and the parody lyrics suck.

  3. Ummm... not sure what to think of that. LOL

    What were the other women gamers reactions to it?
    Crap song choice to parody though =S

    By the way, loving the new banner!