Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Mittani and Incarna

The Mittani has embraced Incarna.

As most of you know, the first step toward walking in stations (i.e. 'Captain's Quarters') is expected to be released in the near future. The longer term goal, of course, is an overall integration of Incarna (in-station avatar interaction) with Dust 514 with  traditional ships in space as per the vision video shown at the last Fanfest. I've held forth elsewhere in the last year or so as to why this has the potential to allow CCP leapfrog the competition and offer a comprehensive gaming experience seen nowhere else. If they pull it off it'll take the competition years to catch up. If not, I expect CCP will end up shutting its doors. It's a "bet your company" kind of move.

I'm sure a lot of dedicated spacers out there will assume that CCP has 'turned' the Mittani, that he's become a pod-person, been bribed or otherwise co-opted by the lads in Iceland. Likely not. Mittens is nothing if not a practical business man. Chances are, once they showed him the business plan and shared gaming industry direction, the pieces fell into place and he saw the brass ring CCP is grabbing after. They've also shown him that there's no turning back at this point. The die, as they say, is cast. If the Mittani finds the goal worth reaching and the leap of faith's already been made, there's no reason Mittens wouldn't get on board the Incarna train.

Now, unlike The Mittani, I don't think micro-transactions for avatar makeup and clothing is going to spare players the "golden ammunition" scenario he describes. Eve is well on its way to being a wallet-driven game. As the recent 154 supercapital ship DRF fleet showed, the bank account is the new battleground in Eve. ISK, as Krutoj the Destroyer is wont to say, wins wars.

No matter, though. Eve as we knew it is in the rear view mirror. The view of the road ahead is becoming clearer.

Legio Pandemica delenda est


  1. Three years ago I was happy shooting space ships. Didn't know anything about CCP's plans and wouldn't have cared.

    Two years ago, as Eve really got a grasp of me, I fiercely hated and opposed 'ambulation': "It's a completely unnecessary mini game in an otherwise great game!"

    One year ago I didn't care about walking in stations: "Whatever, as long as it doesn't slow me down shooting space ships."

    Today I'm EXCITED about Incarna! It may get me back to the game full-time!

    I don't know about the strategic and economic implications to CCP that Mord wrote about, but I am enthusiastic about the deepened immersion and more in-character thinking that Incarna may bring.

  2. Just went and checked for flying pigs outside ;)

    No, actually I think you might be spot on, that an insider look caused a change of opinion. I'm all for expanding the playerbase, because it might give CCP the resources to iterate on all the "abandoned" features, not to mention pretty much force them to do so to get out of the niche or be something many will flock to and soon leave again.

  3. The only way CCP turned The Mittani is if they promised to put his puppy into the game. And would getting in-game pets be a bad thing? Did I mention The Mittani's puppy is pretty cute?

    But on a serious note, player-owned housing helps player retention in MMORPGs. Unless you're Blizzard or Trion, it is almost mandatory today. And I think Trion made a mistake not having it in Rift at launch.

    Also, having customizable housing would be another avenue for a cash shop. And purchasing better quarters would be an added isk sink which the game needs.

    I know I enjoyed my house in EQ2 and I'm looking forward to what's in store in Incarna.