Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Full Disclosure

Full Disclosure: Ol' Mord is now a member of RAGE alliance; and that will mean a few changes at Fiddler's Edge.

My previous corporation, The Disc, returned from Nullsec during the short interlude between the fall of Atlas Alliance and the start of the Catch offensive by The Initiative and White Noise. As often happens, key members were of different minds as to our future direction, and the decision was made to go our separate ways.

It's been interesting watching the diaspora. Some of my friends have gone off to become lowsec pirates (watch you back, Mynxee) and some have started industrial and courier firms in highsec.

About half of us have returned to nullsec. One block has joined Against All Authorities and their South Russian allies as they try to take back some of the territory lost to The Initiative and their vassals. A few have joined the Goons, and suddenly developed very Goon-like personalities in our shared channel. The conversation's been much more colorful since.

For myself, I've returned to nullsec as well, though by my own path. The beauty of Eve is that New Eden's vast, and there's always something new under its many suns, and I've written elsewhere that my knowledge of the Northern Coalition's ways and means is quite limited. I judged this a good opportunity to head North and experience something new.

Fiddler's Edge isn't meant to be a propaganda organ for blues, or an intel source for reds. As most of you know, I avoid commenting on goings-on in my own corporation/alliance. That policy will continue and I won't be publishing analysis closely associated with the inner doings or motivations of RAGE or NC. 

I will also avoid analysis that might be interpreted as RAGE or NC spin on events. There's already enough of that going on in the forms and blogosphere. I sometimes step in to deflate the hyperbole of partisan debate, or to illuminate and interesting bit of the metagame. Going forward, if I've a big dog in the fight, I'll bite my lip and stay out of it.

It's all about the trust.

I'm going to miss commenting from the comfort of an obscure corporation with no ties to the major players in New Eden. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing the great game up close and personal.


  1. Good luck in RAGE! Enjoy the NC jump bridge network, its awesome.

  2. Darn it! I had this nice little plan where I would track you down and pod you next time I disagree with one of your ideas. Now your blue icon in my overview protects you.

    Welcome to the North!

  3. Welcome to the North.

    @ Arggam, ah sorry, interface bug. Speak to my CEO for reimbursement. :) [you'd probably have to give Mord his loot back though...]

  4. Enjoy NC, Mord. I'm excited because I know it means that, with your expanding perspective, your already first-rate commentary will only get even better, richer, and fuller.