Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fan Fest Sweepings

I swear, March has been a blur. And not your cheerful Fan Fest induced sort of blur.

Alas, while the luminaries of the Eve blogosphere partied the long nights away in Reykjavik, ol' Mord has toiled neigh ceaselessly at his laptop. Probably just as well. My last encounter with the nubile descendants of Viking marauders did not end well. Limped for a week after.

'Nuff said.

Anyway, by my standards it's been a productive month.  The SF/Fantasy webzine is in motion, I've a couple of stories in revision, a film school student has asked to base his senior project on one of my published pieces, the novel's into chapter three and I've a writer's workshop starting next month.

But it's meant precious little time for Eve. I'll put end to that and undock tonight. Hopefully find my way into a little CTA mayhem.

It's meant fewer posts for The Edge too; a trend I'll try to turn around. There are some interesting goings on in former IT space that are worth attention. I'll see if I can shed some light on them.

Fly safe, don't panic and go easy on the emo.


  1. I've been slightly worried about the sporadic pace of updates... :-S

  2. Those are interesting sounding projects you're working on. Do you have a link for more info?