Thursday, May 19, 2011

Zombie Apocalypse

The US Center for Disease Control wants you to prepare for the coming zombie apocalypse.

Really. No kidding.

Please follow the link provided below and make sure you have the recommended zombie apocalypse preparedness kit ready in the event the slack-jawed little brain suckers start shambling down a street or dark alley near you.

Get A Kit,    Make A Plan, Be Prepared.

Yeah, I know. Zombie apocalypses may seem a bit off the beaten track for The Edge. However, the importance of planning for nullsec disasters being the subject of my upcoming post, I thought it would make a nice little lead-in. Besides, zombies notwithstanding, the underpinning message is an important one in light of recent natural disasters.

This has been a Fiddler's Edge public service announcement


  1. I live in an easily defendable first floor flat with a single ground-floor access point that can be well-barricaded. It has a balcony which is a great sniping platform and I have the necessary materials indoors to build a bridge network to reach adjoining rooftops for foraging.

    On the far side of town is a vast GlaxoSmithKline facility which could be either the source of the outbreak or possibly hold the cure. Given the state of some of the locals I see wandering around, it may have already started.

    In any case, I am prepared.

  2. I saw that link earlier today - excellent piece of PR, come to think of it.

    Though I think I shall have to stock up on shotgun ammunition...

  3. What ammunition do you recommend against undeads? I mean, if there were Republic Fleet Silver Bullets available on the market it would be easy, but now I don't know whether to use thermal damage or maybe explosive? I have no idea and I'm scared!

  4. A burning zombie is an impressive sight, but still ambulatory and a threat to you and yours. Besides, have you ever smelled burning zombie flesh? Nasty if the zom-bodies start piling up around your shelter.

    Explosive rounds are the way to go, a head shot being the most effective attack (see Max Brooks' "The Zombie Survival Guide"). If you can't make the head shot your explosive rounds can still rend and disable your zombie, making your odds of a safe getaway much higher.

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  6. Heh - No worries Steve. Clean up in aisle seven.

  7. pffft thats not a preparedness kit ...

    while your lugging around that gallon of water and having zombies chew on your frontal lobe; ill be here with my survival kit ....

    CDC lolkit - check
    water purifier - check
    Keltec RFB - check
    Mega Gunworks AR-10 - check
    1000 rounds of 7.62 - check
    Sig 556 - check
    2500 rounds of 5.56 - check
    Keltec bullpup 12gauge - check
    250 rounds of 00 - check
    250 rounds of slug - check
    MP3 player - check

    Its zombie time !!