Monday, July 18, 2011

Whistling in the Dark

As most of you will be aware, the Drone Russian vassal alliances of Evoke, Northern Coalition[DOT], and Raiden alliances, along with some elements of Pandemic Legion have initiated the invasion of Deklein region, home ground to Goonswarm. The Mittani is calling in favors to bring reinforcements to bear. Heavily outnumbered in terms of supercapitals, the Goons are relying on cynojammers protected by overwhelming numbers in their subcapital fleet in order to hold their territory. 

What could be the last stand of the Goons has begun

Meanwhile, the Mostly Harmless Alliance, caught between the hammer and anvil of external attacks by the Drone Russian vassal coalition and conflict within its own leadership has finally convulsed and given up the ghost.

In the South, the Drone Russians (DRF) have taken back the Detroid region and, depending on how matters develop in the North, are poised to initiate operations against the Southern Russain Coalition. If things stall for their vassals in the North, the DRF might hold back their Southward strike in order to support the Deklein invasion. Otherwise, with matters settling down in their new territories, expect the DRF to open a front against the South, likely with support of the main body of Pandemic Legion, focusing initially on the Southern Russian Coalition (SRC) and their allies.

A number of the remaining free nullsec alliances, many with members weary of the sovereignty warfare grind after the DRF invasion of Northern Coalition space, occupy themselves with "real PvP" in and around Delve. Lacking the will and the wherewithal to fight a full blown sovereignty war, their hope appears to hang on indifference by the Drone Russians. By focusing their attentions on each other or the SRC, and presenting no threat to the DRF, they hope to escape Drone Russian attention in the event of a Southern invasion from that quarter.

Such hopes are an old song often sung. Its refrain echoes up and down the dusty halls of history.

We all know how it ends.


  1. I live in one of the quiet areas that should escape notice of DRF and its vassals. The Mostly Harmless issue was just an eye into how DRF is paying small and medium alliances to grab areas that are so far out of its reach. These mercenary alliances are attacking our systems with the promise of access to 0.0 space with the backing of DRF and pet supercaps when necessary to quell the local resistance. The DRF is trying very hard to "win" EVE. And where they cannot take sov, they send fleets to at least grab the tech moons or keep them reinforced so they are useless to anyone else. The DRF, who cast NC as a plague on EVE because of its "bluing" of much of the North, has now brought record levels of blue to nullsec...and not necessarily for the best. The North under the NC was teeming with people. The DRF North now, like the DRF drone regions, are mostly barren.

    TEST/Goons and AAA are all that is left to keep 0.0 from being a total love bluefest. And you thought you would never hear it: Thank God for the Goons!

  2. It is ironic that the IT and NC boogiemen pale before the sleeping Russian giant. We had 3 competing powerblocs, but if DRF is successful, there will only be one.

    Supercaps online, meet the Russians!