Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Writing Contest: Lives in Low Sec

“Mos Eisley spaceport. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.”
           - Obi wan Kenobi, Star Wars

Sharpen up your pencils and start your word processors. Mord Fiddle is pleased to announce the first ever Lives in Low Sec Writing Contest.

Obviously, Obi wan had never been to New Eden's lowsec. Lowsec is the dark heart of the beast.  A place teeming with the dregs of humanity. Pirates. Thieves. Grifters. Jaywalkers. They all find their way to lowsec sooner or later. Lowsec makes Mos Eisley look like effing Mayberry.  In lowsec, if it's not nailed down, they'll steal it. If it is nailed down, they'll tear up the floorboards and steal it anyway.

I'm looking for stories that highlight the particular (ahem) character of lowsec. I'm looking for political intrigue, rogues on the run, clever scams, spaceway robbery, against-all-odds heists, how you bailed the corp loudmouth out of (yet another) tight spot he'd gotten you into. I'm looking for human drama. The compelling or larger than life characters are not only welcome but the best way to win.

The Rules: 
  • Bloggers from all across New Eden are welcome to participate in the Lives in Low Sec Writing Contest, but the events described must take place in low security space. 
  • Pure fiction is not allowed. The events described must have actually occurred in lowsec.
  • Poetic license, being life's blood to a good story, is assumed and outright encouraged. 
  • All entries must be published in your Eve Online blog. 
  • If you wish to enter Lives In Low Sec Writing Contest but don't have an Eve Online blog...well, this would be a nice time to start one, wouldn't it? 
  • To enter, simply post your entry in your blog and send Mord Fiddle the link via his gmail account.
  • New blog posts only! Entries to the Lives In Low Sec Writing Contest predating midnight,November 16 will not be considered. 
  • All entries to the Lives In Low Sec Writing Contest must be received no later than noon (EST), November 22, 2011
  • A list of entries received will be maintained on Fiddler's Edge.
  • Mord Fiddle will judge the entries and announce the winners.
  • Jenny, Mord's former research librarian, will provide covering fire.
The Prizes*:
  • First Place: 400 million ISK and Infinite Bragging Rights
  • Second Place: 200 million ISK and Stratospheric Bragging Rights
  • Third Place: 100 Million ISK and Somewhat Lofty bragging rights
  • Best Story Featuring Rixx Javix Prize: 250 million ISK and choice of Pirate Frigate (Contributed by Rixx Javix) 
  • Jack Sparrow Prize: A fitted Zephyr to the story best embodying the spirit and whimsy of Cap'n Jack (Contributed by Duncan Feldane) 
  • Best Cloak & Dagger Story of Thievery Prize: A Blood Raiders Ashimmu (Contributed by Kaeda Maxwell)
The Entries:

      *Persons wishing to contribute additional items or ISK to the above prizes, or contribute to an additional "special category prize" (e.g. Most 'Lovable Rogue' Character, Best Bit 'O Larceny, Best Story Featuring Arydanika) please contact Mord at his gmail address.


      1. Awesome. Best story featuring Rixx Javix gets an additional 250m ISK from none other than Rixx Javix, and a brand spanking new Pirate Frigate of their choice. So you can add that to the prize pool brother.

      2. I think that since events must be proven to have occurred in low-sec, a killmail is a must unless you want to start confirming people's stories by chatting up the people that may have had their POS stolen, or some other san-killmail-event.

      3. Excellent contest.

        I will add the "Jack Sparrow prize," a fitted Zephyr to the story best embodying the spirit and whimsy of our beloved Captain Jack.

        Required elements: charming rogue, feisty damsel, and a mostly noble youth. Bad guys and derring-do, of course.

      4. @Duncan - You are aware that this must be based on actual events in lowsec (see Rules). Most capsuleers will have a hard time coming up with your required elements, even given poetic license. You might want to hold pat with the "best embodying the spirit and whimsy" of Cap'n Jack requirement.

      5. Thanks for the quick response, and that sounds fine to me.

      6. Must write a blog? I love blogs and no shortage of good ones but I do not write blogs. I do have the Epic 'Rise of the Wolf' story in the eve warfare and tactics forum (provided Mord the Link).

        And nah I am not looking for isk or internet glory I just felt that the boys in Caldari faction warfare deserved someone tell their history.

        I hope you enjoyed the story Mord. But sadly I am not into the starting a blog thing as I see no void that needs to be filled.

        My two isk.

      7. Mantis - Enjoyed your story. I'll respond tby email.

      8. My own two ISK.


      9. My entry


      10. My entry:


      11. My entry: The Tide Pool


      12. This is a shame. I have a story, but it predates Nov 16th and I haven't living in low sec in a while. Oh well. Exclusive rules are Exclusive. That maybe why there's only 4 entries.

        Maybe next time I suppose.

        And... you totally spelled my name all kinds of wrong lol. Must be retribution.

      13. At Arydanika -

        An honest typo. No malice or retribution intended. I shall fix.

        The events described can have occurred at any time in Eve history. Only the writing of them has to take place after the start of the contest.

        As to the low participation, possibly a byproduct of Stan's wildly successful blog banter. Or perhaps the scum and villainy of lowsec are not moved by such paltry prize offerings.

      14. Heh.. the retribution part was from me being one of the worst offenders when it comes to getting names wrong, mispronouncing, forgetting, typo-ing, etc.

        Oh yea... All of my low sec adventures have already been written and I really don't have time to re-write considering the other stuff I do.

        Yea, if the rules were constricting I would have certainly participated, but under this structure.. there's really no way I can. That's all I was pointing out.

        Good Luck on your contest non-theless!

      15. Wordpress decided to eat my last entry. Here is the re-write...


        Note the clever addition of "-2"... Stupid wordpress.

      16. Both reading and judging are done. Props to all who entered on some very nice story-telling. You've done lowsec proud. I'll announce the results tomorrow.

        Until then, there are pies to be baked and beastly feasts to be eaten. Happy Thanksgiving to all y'all.

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