Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pride Goeth

A good many residents of New Eden may be impressed with Mittens, but none so much as Mittens himself.

Mittani has declared Mission Accomplished in Branch, and claimed the victory, the fastest region turn over (so he tells us) in the history of New Eden, for all Goon-kind. Of course that other alliances than the Goons did about 80% of the fighting and structure bashing is no never mind to Mittens. If he's to be believed, he is the victory's father, mother and second cousin twice removed. He gives some credit to a nameless cadre of military and economic advisers, but he leaves no doubt that he's placing the victor's laurels on his own head.

Gearing up for the next CSM election, he goes on to award himself credit for victory over CCP in the Incarna wars, while heaping derision on Mynxee and the membership of CSM5 who turned the CSM from passive bystanders to an honest-to-goodness Eve stakeholders and player advocacy group. And apparently all those Eve players who expressed anger and dissatisfaction with CCP in individual, unsung acts were mere marionettes acting out Mittani's will in a grand puppet circus.

A wiser man would not stand on the shoulders of others and brag about how tall he is.


  1. hmm, that almost smells like bitter vet syndrome setting in there...

  2. Writing fanfic about yourself is a valid play style.

  3. Generally Goon leaders implode in comical ways. Kartoon stealing all the money and kicking everyone out comes to mind.

    I'm sure Mittani will meet a sticky but comical end.

  4. Of course he's insufferably pleased with himself (and who wouldnt be in his position). But I don't think he's being quite as self-centred as you contend. Not sure I'd call naming a number of people like Inter and Lake in his address as a "nameless cadre". And I think for brevity's sake, saying things like "Goon Logistics people" is an acceptable shortform of all the guys there. He does place a lot of emphasis on Goons/CFC collectively; he may even genuinely believe it.

    I also remember CSM5 as being pretty gosh-darn ineffectual, doing silly things in their ignorance, and being made stakeholder rather without regard to their actual usefulness.

    I'd love to know where the 80% comes from, I haven't actually seen any figures or even impressions yet.

  5. Sociopaths have no sense of what the world looked liked without them, so from him perspective, he's calling it as he sees it.

    Mittens will be what he will be. I don't think less of him for it. (Technically, I can't think any less of him as zero is a hard point).

    I agree with Stabs, the end won't be pretty, but it will be pretty funny.