Saturday, January 26, 2013


"Like Border Collies, if you don't keep Goons busy they'll start eating the sofa cushions and herding the household cats. Or the other way around. Both are messy and involve constant clean up."
- Fiddlers Edge: Mittens and Markets, December 20, 2011
Over at Crossing Zebras,  Zander has decided to do the dance on the edge of the abyss that is called speaking truth to power.  

The message sent by the blue doughnut leadership's slap-down of Montolio doesn't appear to be sitting well with a number of rank and file CFC pilots.  There is discontent at the current moratorium on sov warfare, which said pilots regard as an attempt to turn nullsec into a player-controlled Disneyland.  The message the coalition pilots are getting from CFC leadership seems pretty straightforward:  Speak the party line or stfu.  Thus, by saying what some of his comrades are saying, Zander risks taking up arms against a sea of troubles .

Ballsy word-smithing Zander.  Respect.

My comments responding to Xander's post anticipates some of the content of my upcoming post 'Farms and Fields: Metagame'.  And it's uncharacteristically brief, so I thought you might enjoy the preview. 

Mord Fiddle

The challenge for blue doughnut (BD) leadership is how to avoid losing nullsec now that they have it all in their hands. Therefore, Sov fights, which could cascade into civil war (as happened to the Drone Russians), must be suppressed.  War-time heroes who cannot adapt to the end of uncontrolled conflicts are peace time liabilities. 

As we've seen, they'll be re-educated.

BD leadership is attempting a new play paradigm in nullsec, which is why you're seeing the aggressive and disciplined promotion of 'Farms and Fields' alongside a smothering of sov fights that might destabilize the current peace of nullsec.  I expect to see any large scale 'invasion-level' actions redirected at NPC nullsec, lowsec and highsec to provide content to the rank and file.  I expect to see Intra-nullsec warfare restricted to controlled fights within 'Farms and Fields' framework.

In the mean-time, the war for economic dominion over New Eden has begun.

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  1. Congrats to the CFC and HBC for truely 'winning' Eve, now can you please leave before you piss on the couch and ruin the party.