Monday, January 6, 2014

Seraph Basarab and Org Chart of Doom

Over at EVE News 24, Seraph IX Basarab has written a good post on the organizational structure of Clusterfuck Coalition (CFC).  It is a significant piece and well worth your time. Much of the information was previously available in isolated works floating about in the EVE media cloud.  As such, the article won't raise eyebrows among the more erudite CFC watchers.  However, Seraph has pulled these islands of information into a single coherent work, adding analysis and insights of his own.  The result is a clear outline of CFC's internal clockwork at a macro level. It should certainly be on the recommended reading list of anyone wishing to understand the CFC either as a stand alone entity or as a participant in the economic/sovereignty wars that are presently consuming nullsec.

Much of what Seraph writes is not terribly controversial.  Indeed, many of his observations on the internal hierarchy of alliances and how resources/rewards are allocated can be sourced from CFC leadership itself; in podcasts, state of the alliance addresses and published internal communiques.

Given that, the attention Serpah's article have received from CFC's forum warriors is notable.  CFC posters have laid into it with a vengeance. Their primary accusation is that the article is mere N3 propaganda.  However, few if any of the pro-CFC commenter argue against the facts he presents, or call out facts not in evidence that he's ignored.  In other words, the information Seraph has presented is correct, but that the coalescing of those facts into a clear portrait of the CFC organization comes at an inconvenient time for the CFC.  I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions as to what CFC touchiness on that subject might mean.

So, the article is assuredly not propaganda and well worth a read, despite all the churn in the comments section.  It's a solid add to EVE player lore.  If Seraph has erred, it's in not anticipating the political churn and providing references to primary sources. However, that is a trivial criticism. Such references would not have blocked accusations of bias and most of the information he presents is easily fact checked by those who care to do so.

In fact, Seraph goes out of his way to call out bias on my part in my post Wolves of the Southern Wilds.  It's an understandable rebuke, given how I closed off that piece.  

We'll talk more about that next time. 

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