Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mord, Lord of Delve

I've been thinking or ruling Delve.  Mord, Lord of Delve.  It has a deep, sonorous ring to it that's pleasing to to the ear.  It tolls majestically, as a name from  the Nibelung or the Poetic Edda.  OK, yes; Lord of the Rings too. Tolkien sourced his names heavily from old Germanic/Norse works.

Of course one should never make such decisions solely on aesthetic considerations.  Delve would not be my first choice of regions for a number of strategic and economic reasons.  Still.

"Mord, Lord of Vale of the Silent"
     Too wordy.

"Mord, Lord of Tribute
    It's all 'Lo, the tax man cometh!' 

"Mord, Lord of Period Basis"

"Mord, Lord of Outer Passage"
    Double Ew.

"Mord, Lord of Fade"
     As if.

"Mord, Lord of Querious"
    Well, I can be querulous at times. Still.

See? It keeps coming back to Mord, Lord of Delve. And Delve does have the advantage of being something of a turn-key rental operation. The tenants are already there and, with the right incentives I'm sure they could be encouraged to stay under new management.

Of course, the current landlords would have to be convinced of the wisdom of turning the rule of Delve over to me.  Hmmm. That could be a challenge.  I can think of four or five ways it might be managed and only two of them could be accomplished without a fanatical army/barbarian horde at my back.  And a quick glance over my shoulder confirms I'm a bit short in the fanatical army or barbarian horde department at the moment.

Well, perhaps that can be remedied.  This is EVE after all, and the play's the thing.  What with events in nullsec of late I'm sure there's more than a few fanatical armies/barbarian hordes jostled loose and wandering about, at loose ends and with an axe to grind.  In fact you may be just such a fanatical army/barbarian horde, in need of useful occupation and a bit of blood-letting.  Or you may be close friends with a fanatical army/barbarian horde in a mood to create some in-game events to call their own. 

If that's the case, we should talk. 


  1. That could be the event for the yearly campaign in Delve. No year is complete without some sort of conflict there. While the title has a musical quality to it, I think "Why Not Mord?" might be a more modest slogan.

  2. Modesty is not befitting the one true lord of Delve.

  3. Replies
    1. Deklein maybe. But only if Mynnna can come up with a a spare 100b a month to buy me off of Delve.

      Stand back, I take large steps.

  4. In the land of Pure Blind a one-eyed Mord is Lord.

  5. I took a quick look on dotlan but Delve is not really on my shortlist to rule.

    I like branch and would settle for the title of lord of 5-0WB9 or 3KNA-N (or the full constellation).

    1. Behold!

      I Mord Fiddle, Lord of Delve, Scourge of Tyrants-with-Ill-Considered-Facial-Hair, do bestow lands unto thee in exchange for thy fealty. Henceforth thou shalt be known as Viscount 5-OWB9.

      So let it be written. So let it be done.

    2. Can't believe I was tricked into accepting a vassal position that easily.

    3. Trickery, o Viscount?

      You asked a boon of me and I, munificent Lord of Delve that I am, granted it unto thee. You came unto my halls with naught but empty hands, a man like other men, and left ennobled.

      Wherefore then thy discontent, Viscount 5-OWB9?

      I have no desire to bind thee to my service against thy will. Such oaths must be freely giv'n. If the weight of thy office falls too heavily 'pon thee and thine, say but the word and I shall lift this weighty mantle from thy shoulders.

  6. "Viscount 5-OWB9"

    Oh yeah, that's the other reason I stay in hisec and losec. The damn systems have names.

    I've always wondered if, when an alliance gains sov over a system, that they should be able to name it (subject to EVE's naming policy) until the SOV is lost.

    Certainly, it would be a sign that SOV has been lost, when you can no longer warp to the gate that used to be known as Woodland; because you lost SOV, its now reverted back to 5-OWB9 until the new owners change it to "Charesia".