Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Infinite Reach

"Always with the writing," she said with, I thought, a slight strain in her voice.

"Always with the writing," I affirmed quietly.

    - Interlude Terminales

As I commented in my last post, and in response to a few of the emails I've received since, the writing goes on.

I've been working on a new website. That should be ready for prime time in a month or so and, until then, I've set up temporary digs at a new blog site, The Infinite ReachThe Reach is dedicated to  scribblings about Fantasy and Science Fiction and will include commentary, essays, reviews, reports from the odd convention field trip and the occasional story.  I would be pleased and honored if those of you who've enjoyed your time at The Edge would stop by now and again for high tea and a wall of text.

The Edge has been a little blog.  The new website will be a bit more ambitious - certainly not something one writer can accomplish on his own.  Knowing you for the talented and insightful readership you are, please feel free to contact me if you develop the writer's itch and wish to propose or submit an essay, interview or review for the new site.  I can be reached at my usual mordfiddle gmail address or via my Mord_Fiddle handle on Twitter.

As to the Fiddler's Edge site, some of you have asked that I keep the dormant archive active as a player lore artifact.  I'm disinclined to do so for a number of reasons.  However, I'll leave it up for a few additional weeks while I have a think on the best way to sunset the site.  

Thanks once again for your thoughts, good wishes and parting shots.  Post-hoc rationalization is not uncommon when someone we know leaves the EVE Online community.  So let me leave you with a few assurances: 

My departure from EVE Online is for the reasons I outlined in That'll Do; no more and no less.  I have thought very carefully about the decision and have simply decided that EVE Online is no longer a game I can support financially or through my writing. 

Anyone who says otherwise is itchin' fer a fight.

My reasons for leaving have been off-putting to a few members of the EVE community.  Some have, for reasons of their own, attempted to dismiss my departure as rage-quit or burn-out.  The former is mere projection.  As to the latter, mine has been a very eventful life this last year and, to the degree I have had the quiet time needed in order to write, Fiddler's Edge has been a welcome refuge from my daily cares and no burden at all.


  1. Definitely adding your new blog to my reader, Mord.
    Write on.

  2. adding your new site as well Mord.

  3. I look forward to your new site, and I tend to dismiss the comments of the kool aid drinkers as well.