Friday, April 9, 2010

Jack of all trades

When does it begin?

Two years and change after my arrival in New Eden. That's when. This morning, to be precise. 10:00 hours Eve time

How does it begin?

With a wake-up call.

I've fought fleet actions in Fountain and run with small gangs in Black Rise. I've flown nullsec, lowsec and wormhole space. However, most of my days in Eve have been spent running solo. And in New Eden, that restricts your options. Nobody has your back and there's nobody on your wing. You get in a scrape, you get yourself out. Mind, the hours are my own. I play in my own time and on my own terms. No politics. No emo.

It's simple. Dangerous too.

Solo PVP is a rich pilot's game, because to be successful you need to be flying the best. Best ship. Best fitting. The best costs a lot, and it's an iron clad guarantee you're going to lose that pricey hardware you're flying. A rich pilot can shrug it off. Siigari Kitawa is rich. He's lost something on the order of eleven tech 3 Proteus - all faction fitted up to the overhead. For those that don't know, that's an awful lot of isk. Siigy takes the losses and laughs.

Me, I'm not rich.

So I find my way in new Eden as best I can. I PVP when I find friends I can trust. The rest of the time I mine, I mission, I build, I trade and I research. Jack of all trades, that's me.

I just finished up a stint with HellFleet, who are as fine a bunch of cads and scoundrels as you'll fly with. Trouble is, they're pirates. And not just your helling-around shooting things up for the lulz delinquent types. HellFleet's the genuine pirate article. They plot, they plan, they lift, heist and ransom. If it ain't nailed down, they'll steal it. If it is nailed down, they'll pry it up off the deck and then steal it. Hellfleet has a roguish style, a certain elan. They're a fun crew to be around when they aren't taking your stuff, and very professional about it when they are.

But I'm not a pirate. Just not wired that way. Don't get me wrong, if I'm supporting NBSI in low or null sec, you'd better be blue. If you're on the other side during a war, I'll hunt you down. You cross me and I'll go after you. Ditto if you attack my friends or my stuff. I hold a grudge and I have a long memory. But I'm not the sort to jump some guy going his own way 'cause I covet his stuff - or just for lulz (see Hulkageddon). Not that I haven't a talent for piracy; I'm just not, as they say, that guy.

So, about two months back I bade Mynxee and HellFleet farewell, and went my way.

10:00 this morning, I run into a week-old player who's trying to mine in high sec with an Imcus. I gave him some advice and a few isk to buy an Atron and send him off to finish the industrial training mission set.

It made me think how far I've come in those two years in change. It reminded me how much I miss the mayhem (if not the thievery) of running with trouble. I've spent a good bit of time learning the game. Time to start playing.

Tomorrow, I head for null-sec again.

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  1. Best luck, I am sure our paths will cross again. <3 for the kind words about HellFleet!