Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fiddler´s Note

I´ve gone planetside for a week. Taking a break from scrapping with pirates and breathing canned air. So I´m on a tropical island soaking up the sun, drinking beer and watching the World Cup. I´ll post pictures when I break atmo and get station-side again.

Meanwhile, CVA´s slow motion failscade continues with their membership count drooping to around 850, thanks in part to two corporations heading for the door. Until CVA finds a way to make being prey for New Providence Holder hunting gangs fun (or they go into acute failscade), expect this to continue.

CVA´s latest allies, Opticon Alliance, is faring no better that CVA´s earlier friends(such as Paxton Federation). They´re down to two systems remaining from their original constellaton grant from AAA.

And with that, my friends, there´s an attractive lady holding a beer beckoning ol´Mord over to her table.
Gotta go.

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