Monday, July 19, 2010

Vox Populi


Across the vast landscape of EVE forums and the lofty heights of the EVE blogosphere, I hear your rage; a rising tide of discontent that breaks like unto a mighty storm upon the rocky shoals of Reykjavik.

CCP has vexed you, vexed you full sore. Your grievances are many and though you cried out to CCP for relief, they gave you none.

Therefore, you sent forth the Council of Stellar Management – mighty champions chosen from among the capsuleers. Across the sea’s broad back, to Reykjavik, you sent them; there to shake the foundations of CCP and let them know the perils of ignoring their subscribers.

Alas, for you! Stellar Managers manage naught. Though they spoke with the voice of many, they had no power to bend CCP to their will. There was much nodding of heads among the CCP lords, and though their software artisans wept copious tears at your plight, all their minds were turned unto Incarna and Dust514.

The Stellar Managers returned from Reykjavik, across the wine-dark seas, their hands as empty as when they parted. And you set your wrath against them now, as well as CCP.

Then you waxed wroth, saying:
Knoweth thou not who is boss, oh lofty CCP?

Verily, unto you we pay our monthly tithe. And verily, you take our tithe and squander it upon cook-outs, beer and first person shooters.

Who dost thou think thou art, anyway?  My tithe pays for thy services, wherefore you work for me.

Vex me no further then, lest I rage-quit, taking my tithe with me and leaving you, your minions and your families to suffer in squalor and penury.
And CCP, in its wisdom, made no answer. For all their vast fortunes are wagered upon Incarna, and all New Eden with it. The die is cast. The bridge is burnt. The Rubicon is crossed and there is no return. ‘Pon such scales, the tithes of a few capsuleers weigh little. Such truths are best left unspoken.

Rage on, therefore, if you must. Alas for you! It will change little, but it will make you feel better. The voice of the people should be heard, even when it does not persuade.  But cast thou not stones against the Council of Stellar Management, for thou wouldst not have done better.

If thou must rage-quit for thine honor’s sake, go then with the gods at thy back. And forget not to transfer unto me all your liquid assets before you go.

Otherwise, abide and endure, happily podding thy neighbors as thou wouldst be podded. For even with its flaws New Eden is a paradise compared to World of Warcraft. Or Star Trek Online.

In sooth, where you gonna go?

Thus endeth the lesson.


  1. As a good friend of mine is wont to say:

    Let us not stand forth upon our going, let us instead sod off...!

  2. Its simple really, CCP knows it has the veterans hooked. Sadly most veterans dont pay out of pocket to keep playing as they found other ways to fund their Eve habits through ETC's and Plex. CCP knows this and they want to appeal to the newer people, the ones that pay real money for them. Although can argue that vetrans buying ETC's and Plex with isk is creating a demand for someone somewhere to to pay CCP real money, CCP seems intent on taking the game a direction that is not really democractic as it seems but purely for profit. It is hard enough for someone to get a corp or an alliance to be unisom in their word let alone the casuleers as a whole to stad up and make a stand. What can you do but really but make life for PI players as hard as possible? :P

  3. Stalking, to the best of my knowledge, CCP has always been a for-profit enterprise. They are absolutely doing this for the money. That has a lot to do with why EVE's as good as it is.

    As EVE was never a democracy, CCP is not taking it in a non-democratic direction. CCP owns EVE. It is their baby.

    We just play here.

  4. Stalking,

    The thing about PLEX is that you can only purchase them from other players. CCP still gets its $15US a month (actually more because the GTC is $35US) when you extend your game time that way, it just doesn't come from you, it comes from the person who purchased the GTC, converted it into PLEX, and then sold it on the market for ISK.

    Also, what Mord said just above me. The fact that they even pay lip service to what the player base wants is quite phenomenal. I started playing MMOs back in the UO:T2A days, and they didn't care about what the player base wanted.

    You know, the price per month was $15US then, and that was 13 years ago, nice to see the price of MMOs has technically gone down.