Thursday, December 15, 2011

Stabbed Up: POCO Wars

As of  December, Stabs is back in business at his blog Stabbed Up. He's published a nine-episode set of posts called POCO wars that involves adventures and misadventures with Player Owned Customs Offices in wormhole space. A good read and I recommend them.

Stabs is a thoughtful writer (A librarian over on the UK, so I understand. Jenny would approve.) who's held forth quite intelligently on Eve over time. I'd dropped him off my blog list as he'd stopped writing about Eve for a while and then stopped writing altogether in the Fall. However, it looks like he's returned and giving Eve some press, and I'm happy to see him back with us.

Some of you have already noticed his return. For those who haven't, stop in and give him some blog love. 

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  1. Thanks Mord :)

    SWTOR is likely to distract me soon but I don't think I'll ever quite stop playing Eve. The nice thing about Eve is that I get on perfectly well in the game when I'm not very active.