Thursday, August 16, 2012

Innocents Abroad

"Infuriating, boring, exciting, fascinating, geeky, beautiful and terrifying all mixed in.  I may be in trouble"
- Day One - Diaries of a Space Noob 
Diaries of a Space Noob is a two month long, day by day, diary of a former World of Warcraft player's early days in Eve Online from the beginning.  It's an interesting idea for a blog.  Ambitious too.  For those of us who are not Ripard Teg, the prospect of putting in substantive time in Eve every day and then faithfully updating an online diary describing the experience would be daunting.

Happily Space Noobs are a wide-eyed, innocent folk who don't know enough to be daunted.  The Space Noob, having begun his project, soldiers through bravely to the end; the last day of the two months of diary entries having been written yesterday.  What I find most interesting about the Diaries is that it is written from the perspective of a new player to a non-Eve audience and speaks to the Eve new player experience with fresh eyes.  It is a portrait of the Eve community written from the point of view of an outsider.

The quality of The Space Noob's writing remains very solid and entertaining throughout, even as the days turn into weeks and weeks into months. Of course this is Eve.  My darker self warns me it's entirely possible that Space Noob was written by a CCP marketing flack to lure bored dwarves and night elves from WoW.  However that's beside the point.  My darker self enjoyed the read as much as I did (when was the last time I regarded 700,000 ISK as a small fortune?), so it really doesn't matter.  It's a worthwhile read for jaded metagamers, bitter vets and players who've lost the initial sense of wonder that accompanied their first undock.  


  1. o7

    Am I supposed to comment back? Not sure what the etiquette of the situation is.

    Glad you liked it though. I swear on the hull of the Pale Horse that I am not a CCP marketing droid!

    PS - that's "night" elves BTW. ;)

    1. Elves is elves. No never mind to me.

      Still, I'll make the correction so as not to offend any WoW junkies out there. Heaven knows what Jenny would do if she found a bunch of angry geeks in fanciful armor loitering outside The Edge's office.

    2. This is Eve. That should be blood elves.

    3. If Eve had elves, I'm sure they would be bloody. Or else they'd be exploding elves.... Or do the dwarves explode and elves just refuse to undock?

      I've no idea.

      Which is a good thing because Eve doesn't have any freaking elves.

    4. And I don't want to hear even a *whisper* from the CCP or the CSM about adding them.

      Not even alien elves. >:\

  2. Oh, I now so want to include Elves into my little fiction project... But yes, that blog is great, well written and insightful. I just hope Space Noob does not turn bitter old vet at some point and join the rest of the Echo Chamber...