Friday, April 23, 2010

The High Road to Providence

The road to Providence is a long one from my usual haunts. I’m on a survey trip, and have wended my merry way from Gallente empire space, to Amarr lowsec and thence into nullsec Providence.

It’s a fair slog. Note to self: Don’t forget to install jump clones.

Providence has a decided Amarr flavor. I’m neither here nor there on the Amarri. Pretty ships, the clothing drapes well, but it’s hard to find a decent bar. They could do with a little less chanting. Nobody’s perfect.

CVA (Curatores Veritatis Alliance) are Amarri role players, which means they take the whole ethnic purity and smite the infidel thing pretty seriously. I’m an infidel in their eyes, so we’re already off on the wrong foot. Now I’m going down to occupy space from which they’ve been lately evicted. Space which, by the way, they view as Amarri space; and their holy duty to bring back into the greater Amarr empire.  

I don’t expect they’ll be having me over for the Empress’ birthday any time soon.

Our application to the Providence alliance has been accepted and we’re in the requisite waiting period. Meanwhile I’ve been plying the pipelines in nullsec, laying down safe spots, counting noses and getting a sense of who’s who. Beyond intel gathering, there are moon scans to be done and asteroid belts to assess. Overtures need to be made to the CEOs of the alliance’s other member corporations; introducing myself, assessing their relative strengths, and laying the groundwork for future cooperative ventures.

Plans are in motion back at HellForge central. Needful things are being packed for transport. So I need to find out what can be gotten on the local markets, what can be gotten from our allies, and what has to be shipped in from high-sec. Of course I’ll also be looking for critical gaps in the market that HellForge can fill, which will be good for local buyers and profitable for us.

Busy times, but then most beginnings are.

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  1. I hope to welcome you personally soon to Providence, in Providence...there's a pretty nice coffee shop in H9- station, and let's just say they're not opposed to "making it more interesting" with some exotic liqueur or another :)