Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I do hate to drop one post on top of another, but some events call for an extra edition.

Remember when I said that taking down Against All Authorities (-A-) was like killing a vampire? That you had to make sure that sucker was buried in the crossroads decapitated, garlic in its mouth and a stake in its heart before you turned your back on it? Remember that?

Why does nobody listen?

The fight took place in AZN-D2 today.  Circle of Two (CO2) and Dead Terrorists (DT) against -A-, Stain Empire and friends. PL was nowhere in sight, having finished their contract with CO2 and moved on.

At 19:56 the first carrier went down - A CO2 Chimera. Thirteen minutes later a CO2 Hel supercarrier joined the Chimera. For the next two agonizing hours, CO2 and Dead Terrorists watched as they lost a total of  seventeen carriers (DT-13, CO2-4), four supercarriers (DT-2, CO2-2) and two Erebus-class Titans (DT-1, CO2-1).

Ladies and gentlemen, assuming the killboard numbers hold, that is one family sized can of whup-ass that got opened on DT and CO2.

In the course of those two hours the chatter on the forums changed from a party celebrating the end of -A-, to speculation as to how long the newcomers to nullsec space would be able to hold onto their newly acquired systems once the old occupant came calling.


  1. Anyone that didn't see this coming hasn't been paying attention. As someone who has fought two previous major campaigns against -A- I can attest to their tenacity and tactics, I've been saying from the beginning they wouldn't go down easy. And they won't. But this is where boys become men, so we'll see what these Alliances are made of now.

  2. So where is -A-'s power base? How are they getting resources to fund a push to get their old territory back? Are they in lowsec, or retreated to Stain, or perhaps sleeping on Stain Empire's couch?

  3. I suspect the latter, and there are a number of reasons why offering -A- a place by the fire to sit out exile might be a very good move.

    As far as funds are concerned, they had years of carebear farming to bulk up their bank account. If they were wise they kept a sizable reserve against a rainy day like this one.

    Their strategy early on appeared to be pull back, take the loss of systems, wait out the contract with PL and hope to avoid failscade - then try a come-back when PL moved on.

    We'll see.