Tuesday, February 8, 2011


First of all, thanks to all the regular readers of The Edge. Your kind words and encouragement over the span of Fiddler's Edge has made the work worthwhile.

As I wrote last October, in Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics, I began writing about nullsec as a courtesy to some friends in Providence who were having trouble filtering forum spam in order to get timely news and analysis viz ongoing hostilities. Since then, a lot of options have emerged that fill that need, including Hallan Turrek's Eve News Now, the newly revived Eve-Tribune, a wealth of Eve Online podcasts, thoughtful bloggers like the sage Kirith Kodachi and, of course, Eve News 24.

In attempting to carve out a place for Fiddler's Edge in the Eve Blogosphere, I've focused on in-depth content delivered at least twice a week, which takes a good bit of time and research (not to mention a lot of hand-wringing) to write. The readers of Fiddler's Edge have rewarded that time and effort by bumping this site to over 6,000 page hits per month.  Thanks to all - you're the best - and the reason my work days usually start at 5:00 AM .

Having said all that, I've a number of other writing projects that have been on the back-burners while Fiddler's Edge was in flight (more on those in a moment). I've been thinking this last month or so that it might be time to take The Edge off the stove and put other efforts on high boil. Frankly, I was a bit torn about it.

So I decided to let Krazy Kinux make the call for me.

As most of you know, his Krazyness is the patron saint of Eve bloggers. One of his means of promoting the Eve blogosphere is The Eve Blog Pack, where he provides linkage to the blogs he considers the best of the best. He recently posted that he was revising the list and that Fiddler's Edge was one of the blogs under consideration for inclusion in the pack.

I decided that would be the test. If Fiddler's Edge had improved enough to make Krazy's blog pack I would continue the work. If it fell short, it would be time to move on. Krazy announced his new blog pack yesterday and, as most of you know, Fiddler's Edge remains unworthy.  The arbiter has spoken.

The good news is that Fiddler's Edge is going to expand its horizons. A new web site with a broader focus on things Science Fiction/Fantasy is in the works. I've asked Rixx Javix to do the graphics and am working on a content and web-page outline. Expect that it will have a special page dedicated to Eve Online, with links to Eve blogs, podcasts and general cartoon spaceship content. I may even hold forth now and again on critical events in New Eden.

I know many of you are accomplished writers in your own rights, and if some of you are interested in providing content please feel free to contact me at my mordfiddle gmail account.

A few things before I go regarding my prior post:

À la Recherche Du Temps Perdu:  An inside joke directed at fans of Jenny, who will recall her last run-in with a non-Proust-reading United Express delivery man. One of my back burnered projects is the first in what I hope will be a series of short stories featuring Jenny post Fiddler's Edge. She's wanted a larger stage for some time. Now she'll have her shot.

Fiat Lux: Let there be light. Always. Read between the lines. Ask inconvenient questions. Light candles before you curse the darkness. Go forth and illuminate.

And, once again, thanks for all your kind support.


  1. In my completely unhumble opinion fiddler's edge is easily the best eve blog in existence, and the blog pack has a lot of crap in it.

    Do your thing, by all means, but I'd just like to say that the blog pack may not be very accurate as a litmus test.

  2. I loved to read your analysis, and am looking forward to read you on your new platform.

    Thanks again for your impressive work, reading this blog was always a delightful event.

  3. I will agree, with an equal lack of humility, with Parasoja on this one. Fiddler's Edge quickly grew from a random link on another blog into one of my favorites.

    Crazy Kinux can suck eggs.

  4. I saw the latest list and was shocked not to see you on it. But then, the Eve blogosphere isn't particularly nulsec friendly, so maybe that's it.

    Either way, you've had an excellent blog and I've enjoyed reading things from the other side's perspective.

  5. Para and Sjon:

    Don't be dissing on the Krazy. Despite his unwholesome attachment to the Habs he does a lot of good out there and I've a lot of respect for him.

    His Eve Blog Pack covers a broad spectrum of styles and content. By definition, not all of them are going to appeal to every reader. I trust that, despite its being a bit of a slog, he would have found a reason to include Fiddler's Edge if it was up to snuff.

    Finally, bear in mind that there were a number of factors that drove my decision. The Blog Pack was only one of them.

  6. Mord, with all due respect to _you_, if Kinux didn't find Fiddler's to be worthy, then INMONSHO the fault lies in _his_ stars and not yours, talk of "broad spectrums" notwithstanding. I read his work regularly at one point but do so no longer, whereas I _have_ been following Fiddler's ... and there were valid reasons for that.

    But I digress. The only real reason that matters to me is that _you_ are interested in doing something else, instead of Fiddler's. And that being so, good luck.

    Just know your view was valued, there was an IS a place for it regardless what a Kinux may or may not say, and Fiddler's _will_ be missed.

  7. Have you mentioned your other writing projects at all?

  8. Arg,

    I mention some of it above, in particular the SF site and Jenny's story. A few other items:

    If you go to http://www.scribd.com/doc/96279/Ray-Gun-Revival-magazine-Issue-09#outer_page_13 you'll find a bit of flash fiction I once wrote for "Ray Gun Revival". I'm in the process of extending that very-short story into a longer piece that I'll shop around to the SF short story market.

    I've a few other short stories in the mill as well as a novel-length piece that will get more attention starting in mid-April.

    I'll be writing some reviews - books and movies primarily.

    Always with the writing ;)

    Assuming the web-site gets off the ground in a reasonably timely manner, I'll be hitting a few cons to network and publicize. Likely Dragoncon and maybe a few local to DC.

  9. I am actually kind of surprised Fiddler's Edge hasn't made it.

    Your blog is pretty much the only blog I read at the moment (Mostly due to time restraints), I hope you will continue with similar style posts, even be it in a lesser frequency.

    Fly Reckless o7

  10. I'll have to go with the flow on this one. When I didn't see your blog in the updated Pack, and then your announcement shortly thereafter, I had assumed you had talked to CK about plans to retire the Edge beforehand with him. I normally agree with his choices of who to put in the Pack (admittedly slightly biased in that matter), but I'll have to respectfully disagree with CK on this one. You deserved to be in the Pack, in my humble opinion, and I'm certainly sorry to see you go. But regardless, I look forward to seeing what you have next in line. o7

  11. Sorry to see you go. Your posts were always well written and very intelligent.

    I am going to leave you on the RSS reader.

  12. This happens every time I take a few days off. I'm going to have to stop taking breaks I suppose. Of course this is all smoke and mirrors really since you are not leaving us but moving on to bigger and better things, so while Fiddler's Edge being gone makes me sad (ahhh) the other news makes me happy (skip skip), so in the end I feel muddled but slightly hopeful.

    Now I suppose I needs get busy.

  13. Mord, nothing that's currently out there fills the void Fiddler's Edge will leave in it's wake. Yours has become my #1 source for worthwhile, intelligent analysis and the big picture. I crave no other New Eden read like your blog, and I truly believe Eve Online is diminished with its departure.

    You've got to do what's best for you, but I, for one, am greatly relieved to hear that some Fiddleresque posts will be included in the repertoire. Thanks for everything, and I'll keep an eye out for your new stuff.

  14. I have to post to join the chorus here. I genuinely looked forward to seeing a new entry when opening Google Reader. It was intelligent, well written and comprehensive in its analysis. Easily in the top 2 - 3 of blogs I have read anywhere.

    CK has erred in this specific instance, there is nothing like this out there.

  15. Mord, I'm genuinely baffled as to how I made the blog pack while you didn't. Your writing is better, more regular and has a great focus which mine lacks. I'll be sad to see fewer entries in my Google reader, but I'll look forward to your other projects. On the bright side, it will likely mean I'll be on time to more meetings as I won't be reading your in-depth analysis when I should be walking down the hall.

  16. I'll have to side with the gentlemen here. Yours was definitely the most insightful, intelligent, enlightening, informative, and analytical blog there is.

    Definitely my favorite. I hope we can read your sharp analytical thoughts in some other form in the future.

  17. Well, your blog stands on its own two feet. You neither need or require CK's stamp or approval (though I must admit it would be nice to have). 6000 hits? Nuff said.

    That said, I'd be very interested to see what you're doing next alright. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? :)

  18. CK might have done the EVE community a lot of good, but that doesn't immunize him to criticism when he makes a bad call. George Lucas has my respect for a lot of reasons, but that doesn't mean I'm going to pretend like the prequel trilogy didn't suck.

    It's important that you do what's right for you, but there's no sense in breaking through your ambivalence with someone else's flawed judgment call, regardless of how much other cause there may be to respect that person.

    You have my absolute support for whatever you decide to do going forward -- either way, something is lost and something is gained -- but I really hope that, at the end of the day, the tie-breaking reason is your own.

  19. I am some what at a loss. I always assumed that Fiddler's Edge was already a member of Crazy Kinux's pack due to the quality of writing.

    Best of luck in your next endeavours!

  20. I feel like an extra in "It's a Wonderful Life". This has got to stop or you're going to make Jenny cry.

    Somebody go nudge Rixx and tell him to get to work so I can get the new web site up.

    Meanwhile, I've got a piece in tomorrow's issue of Eve-Tribune - Ayn Rand:Eve Capsuleer. Go give 'em some love.

  21. MadOverlord has summed up my emotional response to your post in a very accurate, if somewhat repetitive, manor.

  22. I like your blog more than I did Capsuleer.

    And I really, really liked Capsuleer.

  23. I am surprised that there were many other blogs that could Rival fidler's insight and depth of commentary. Personally, I am quite sad you made this decision. This is the second site I check every day, after the Economist's blogs. I at least will keep refreshing the site every few weeks hoping you change your mind.

    Best of luck with your new projects and god speed the day you change your mind.

  24. I'm human. I make mistakes, and can admit to my errors. Only fools don't change their minds.

    And in this case, it seems I have been the fool.

    After reading this post, and exploring further the rest, roaming around here and there, I can certainly agree with most of these comments; I can go suck an egg!

    Will you allow me to correct this mistake? Hopefully there is still time!

    Stay tuned...

  25. As one of your 6000 fans, I humbly ask if you still have the keys to the heavy oak door closing the Edge? Might you reconsider opening the doors again for your fans?

    (Alerted by http://www.crazykinux.com/2011/02/help-me-save-fiddlers-edge-and-add.html )

  26. I found this blog by a tweet from CK which led me to his latest blog and then to here (see Feminator's link above). After reading through some random posts and the comments above, I have to agree, PLEASE don't stop writing The Fiddler's Edge!

    Even though I've been more or less a carebear in my nearly two years in EVE, I do have ambitions that will eventually lead me to lowsec (already begun) and then to nulsec. Admittedly, I know very little about nulsec, but in the last hour of reading here, I've more than quadrupled my understanding of it through your concise, well-written blog. I would dearly luv to continue learning more from The Fiddler's Edge.

    KC wants to correct his oversight and obvious mistake. I hope you reconsider closing this down.

  27. I must agree with Bill...
    I've had to take a brief hiatus from EVE, however, Fiddler's Edge has remained in my near-daily reading list..
    Please reconsider..
    C.K. isn't perfect and has a ton on his plate.. He obviously made a mistake (to which he admits) and is willing to do the right thing and correct said mistake..
    So, whadaya say? Continue?
    I'll re-sub if you do...okay, probably not in the immediate future, but I WILL continue reading every post you write..... Deal?

    Seriously though, if your decision to move on is final, we (the EVE community - current subscribers, past subscribers, and future subscribers) will have lost a great source of information and entertainment...

  28. If there is one thing I can confirm anyone about CK, it's that he takes FOORREEEVVVEERR to get back to you on anything :P

  29. Mord, please reconsider. CK (C not K in Crazy :p) has realised he has made a mistake by not including your blog in the pack, look he posted above, look look :)

    I would be upset if you changed the way you represent EVE Online in your blog!

  30. See now you have to carry on writing your great blog. It's one I always check out. Plus ck has told you you have to continue too!

  31. Carry on good sir! Carry on!

  32. Don't stop writing and analysing. You're great at it!

  33. This is by far and away the eve blog I most looked forward to seeing new posts on.

    If it really is the death-knell for this office, then there will definitely be a void where sound and intelligent analysis used to be.

    I humbly ask the final bell be unrung, and you should definitely continue.

  34. I am fairly new to Eve and your blog has been indispensable in understanding some of the more interesting parts of the game. Please keep it up.

    Out of the twenty or so Eve blogs that I follow, I always have to leave yours for last -- because I need to give it the most time to read it thoroughly and understand your thoughtful commentary.

    I understand the need to work on other projects, but could you please consider just cutting back on the frequency of your posts to fiddler's edge? :) I would still enjoy whatever Eve thoughts you had to share.

  35. This is probably one of the five best Eve blogs, and I read about 30 of them. I really hope you reconsider and decide to keep writing intelligent and insightful articles. Fiddler's Edge must live on!!!!11

  36. Sup dude.

    Blogosphere drama, best drama.

    Not being in the blog pack is the new cool, yo. Set yourself free of its chains!


  37. THE Only blog I Read. It has the power to shape the minds of many future leaders of EVE corporations.

    From the sands of Saudi Arabia. PLEASE Continue what you seem so blessed at doing. The Fiddlers Edge is like no other. EVE would be radom ships blowing up without your insight at least in my opinion.